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  Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapter

   Our goal as teens is to educate ourselves, our friends, and our peers, give encouragement and inspiration to
   each other, and speak our minds for what is right, so that one day our hearts and minds will no longer tolerate
   the culture of death that surrounds us. 

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"Empowered by the Spirit and drawing upon faith's rich vision,
a new generation of Christians is being called to help build a world
in which God's gift of life is welcomed." 

Pope Benedict XVI World Youth Day Homily 2008


            About us
             • Get pro-life news and information.
             • Speak out and take action on life issues.
           • Be informed on hot topics, including the truth about
sexuality, abstinence, peer pressure and pregnancy.
           • Know the facts about alcohol and drugs.
           • Get a relationship reality check.

           • Learn from other teens’ experiences.

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Calender of Events

                Local events
                    - October 16, 2010 @ 6pm Meeting ( Pizza to be served )

             State/National events

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                Teens For Life
                Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapter
                C/O Linda Carbone
                P.O. Box 791
                Effort, Pa 18330

                   Beth Craven Connor

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